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Pink Day 2017 Youth T-Shirt - Workplaces

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Youth Short Sleeve Tee
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The Canadian Red Cross Respect Education program continues to bring together Canadians to promote respectful relationships and to prevent bullying behaviour by celebrating Pink Day in 2017.

In honour of the original Pink Day, the Canadian Red Cross Day of Pink brings together schools, workplaces and communities throughout Ontario to wear the shirt and to stand together for respect and bullying prevention. Canadian Red Cross recognizes Feb 22, 2017 as Pink Day, yet your school may select alternate days.

We want you to celebrate Pink Day in your school and community with our Canadian Red Cross Pink Day T-shirts. To make sure your school is part of the Pink Day celebrations, you can place the entire T-shirt order for your school right here.

If your school has not yet been registered for Red Cross Pink Day, please go to to register your school. A Pink Day Resource Guide filled with materials and ideas to assist your school in celebrating Pink Day is available with that registration. All proceeds of the T-shirt sales go to Canadian Red Cross Respect Education to support bullying prevention education in Ontario.

Thank you for ordering shirts for your school and working with us to share this positive, respectful message.

Remember, “Every Day is Pink Day.”